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Big Daddy Kane dropping slang | Directorz Inc. Media

Freelance Filmmakers Directorz Inc.,  share a video featuring BiG Daddy Kane dropping slang as he spits lyrics from one of his classic verses. The hip hop pioneer has never let the game down with his use of slang as an instrument as part of his legendary career. One of the first to drop slang in creative cadences to create a frenzy in the streets and on the airwaves. He continues to tour and do appearances using slang wordplay to excite crowds around the world.

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Rap Legend Big Daddy Kane made it Big Slinging Slang

Picture of Big Daddy Kane on stage in AtlantaHeres exclusive behind the scenes footage of legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane after an Atlanta, georgia performance at The Suite Lounge. Big daddy Kane’s success is largely in part of his amazing use of street slang, cadence and the english language to carve out a historical place in hip hop as well as pop culture. Kane recently launched his own british Walkers in a partnership with the Original Brand. Slang has taken him all over the world. He continues to use words in what we call dope and expressive ways!

“Long Live the Kane!”