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Slang Definitions @SlangOfficial

SlangOfficial definitions overlapped to signify the speed and major mass communication at which the world moves.

We breakdown the slang to make communication in this world move a lot smoother. Imagine if the police around the world understood slang as a way to ease the tensions of the communication gap within our inner city urban neighborhoods.

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Instead of fearing a form of communication which they don’t understand by simply listening to the somewhat obvious messages within the slang phrases regularly used?

I get the impression that slang is largely misunderstood as code for any and everything that is bad and/or negative.


Peace Out

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“It’s not Official unless it’s got that Slang!”

Here we give you a  slang statement has been altered slightly… from the latest version currently in use by rapper Drake, describing the release of his latest music project released on iTunes…

Links are provide to show the contributions of slang used creatively.
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Raekwon The Chef | Official Slang Certified!

Raekwon The Chef of The WuTang Clan is most definitely considered a legend for creating Slang that has stood the test of time in the culture of hiphop.


Heres some vintage footage of the Chef Raekwon dealing with the merchandising aspect and confirming his endorsement and affiliation with The Slang Official Brand he co-founded with Directorz Inc.

SlangOfficial is an Official authority on Slang…
Street Certified, educational, informative, hip, cultural and an integral part of todays society. Look to us for breakdowns and accurate definitions of new and traditional words, slang phrases and terminology commonly used in todays society.

SlangOfficial CrownNew Slang Offial handbook will be available for download in May, 2015.